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All issues of The Ontario Numismatist are available to members on the Ontario Numismatic Association’s website. Some early issues are reproduced here, with permission.

The Ontario Numismatic Association is pleased to provide a complete, searchable index of all articles, announcements, and news items that have appeared in every issue of The Ontario Numismatist since it began publication. To access the indexes, click on PDFs and search by author, title, or subject. If you do not see the “search” window, you can open it by pressing the Ctrl + F keys (CMD + F for Mac).

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Acknowledgments from the ONA website:
The Ontario Numismatic Association would like to express its gratitude to:
Dan Gosling, Paul Strong, and the Oshawa Coin Club for their contributions in assembling, scanning and creating the pdf files for The Ontario Numismatist archives.
Wilf Lauber for initiating the project and compiling the data for the searchable indexes of over 50 years of The Ontario Numismatist.
Paul Petch and Numismatic Network Canada ( for supplying the internet resources used in storing our archive files.

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