Jensen, Eric

Eric Jensen

With access to archived numismatic literature, and invaluable contributions from many Canadian exonumia collectors, Eric Jensen of Calgary, AB has compiled a series of illustrated listings for some of the many Canadian exonumia collectables in existence. These lists are available here in PDF form for those who have similar collections, or for those thinking of adding these fun items into their existing collections. They are also being made available to solicit feedback from readers to help identify any errors, to source images of objects requiring photography, and to contribute to their expansion by providing information on unlisted pieces. But most of all, the lists are being made available to generally enhance the pastime of collecting Canadian exonumia.

The author has added bookmarks in the PDF files for ease of reference. If the bookmarks are not visible, they can be turned on in the PDF reader. Searching for specific items within the PDFs can be done through the Find function: <Ctrl-F> on a PC, or <Command-F> on a Mac.

The author invites users to pass these listings on to other collectors or to clubs and organizations that may have an interest in them. He also requests that users make a donation to either the J. Douglas Ferguson Historial Research Foundation or the Canadian Association for Numismatic Education to support numismatic research and education in Canada.

Documents scanned and uploaded with the contribution and permission of the author / Documents numérisés et téléchargés avec la contribution et la permission de l’auteur.

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